Restaurant consultant Mark Andronico’s interest in the food business began when he was a child. Andronico’s father worked as a wholesale food distributor in San Francisco. Alongside his father, Mark Andronico helped the company provide food to clients such as The Fairmont Hotel, St. Francis Hotel, Sabella’s, DiMaggio’s, and other top San Francisco establishments.

Mark Andronico continued to work in the food industry through his teens. Within a few years, he found himself working for Morrison’s Gardner Merchant at ABC Studios in Hollywood, California. As General Manager of the company’s Food and Beverage Division, he managed the start-up of a fine dining service, including handling renovations and a grand opening that saw more than 2,500 attendees. The business found quick success, acquiring accounts from the Academy Awards, Good Morning America, and other major television shows. It also managed food service at many establishments during the 1994 World Cup. Over the next 15 years, Mark Andronico held positions in the food and beverage industry at Stanford University and Race Street Foods, Inc., and served as a Regional Operations Manager for Pizza Hut.

In 2011, Mark Andronico started working with the owner of the Cliff House Restaurant in San Francisco as a consultant.


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